Creamy Caramel Fudge

There’s not an ounce of chocolate in this fudge so if you’re looking for chocolate move along. If you’re a caramel lover, you’ve come to the right place! Kids love this fudge and so do the grown ups! Its super rich but oh so wickedly delicious.

I started experimenting with this recipe when I was a ‘poor’ graduate student and buying extras like chocolate cocoa powder were just not in the plan.

I’ve heard this called Russian Fudge (guess Chocolate was an issue for them too) but the recipe calls for corn syrup, which I cannot stand. And I think this is probably similar to what some call RedHead Fudge (sorry Vicki)(though I’m not sure). What I do know, is that this is incredibly rich and delicious. Caramel lovers will gobble it up! My recipe here is a little extended from my original version, which included melting the brown sugar with the white sugar milk mixture. The candy came out a little grainy, which I think was the sugar never being melted enough. So, I did the simple syrup and it worked! I use real butter, real vanilla and half and half. I’ve not tested this with margarine or skim milk so I couldn’t tell you the results. But you’re making candy, not diet food, so go ahead and make the full on recipe!

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Southern Pralines

Typical southern sweets like these Southern Pecan Pralines grace almost every southern household during the holdiays.  They’re not terribly difficult to make and you can change the flavor a bit by adding a little almond extract in place of some of the vanilla. But they’re yummy, creamy and rich!

I make these every year. (let the sisters in-law make the divinity and fudge!)

note:  Don’t create any unnecessary humidity in your kitchen while you’re making these!

Don’t turn on the dishwasher or cook pasta or boil water for anything.. Remember the rules for making fudge..same go here!

Also, invest the $4.50 in a candy thermometer you can get it at Walmart, you’ll be making these again!

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