Arancini, The Most Amazing Thing To Happen To Risotto Ever!

Arancini Who doesn’t love risotto? Creamy, smooth and wonderfully flavorful. Arancini makes risotto the best treat on the antipasto plate!  The love child of deep-frying and risotto is a traditional antipasti in Sicilian households and once you try this recipe you’ll know why! Melding the flavors of cheeses, great homemade pomodoro sauce, rice and prosciutto to the ultimate blend in one little treat, these will soon become a go to for your party trays. I’ve found that shorter grained rice yields the best rice ball. But you can use any risotto rice you like. (no uncle bens long grain, mind you). Give this one a try and let me know what you think! read more

Simply Sundays Link Party #1

Simply Sundays Link Party
Welcome to Simply Sundays on Simple Plate ! Sundays are not only the end of a long week but they are the day that many with go to church, spend time with family, enjoy the outdoors, grocery shop, plan weekly meals using the old tattered recipe cards that have been passed down for ages. But Sundays are also the days where after all the chores are done, we dig into DIY projects we’ve been anxiously anticipating to complete.

So we are opening  our link party Simply Sundays to make those recipes and meal plans a little easier and all your DIY  projects a little more fun.  Join us weekly and link up your best recipes and projects ! This is gonna be fun! read more

Scarborough Fair Herb Compound Butter

Scarborough Fair Herb Compound Butter

MMMMMMMMM Butter! Who doesn't love a pat of fresh cream butter melting on a stack of pancakes, or a warm muffin? Sizzling in a sauté pan browning, melting slowly on an ear of fresh grilled corn. Ok now, I'm hungry!  Add a few herbs to that fresh ... read more

smoked macaroni and cheese

Decadent Smoked Macaroni and Cheese

Smoked macaroni and cheese, the most decadent side dish ever conceived made its way to my kitchen this weekend and boy howdy! This plate of awesomeness will soon become your favorite ! With icy weather headed toward north Louisiana this week, we ... read more

Best Ever Blue Berry Muffins

How To Make The Perfect Blueberry Muffins

Learning how to make perfect blueberry muffins, doesn't take much time, but does take some attention. There are a few issues when you're making fruit type cakes and muffins and you want to be sure you keep these tips handy. 1. Toss your fruit (in ... read more


Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Caps

These stuffed portobello mushroom caps make the perfect meatless meal or can be quartered and served as appetizers, I recommend the former. Use the freshest of ingredients and make these a really special meal. While these aren't 'strictly' and ... read more

Home Made Tomato Soup

Copy Cat Campbell’s Tomato Soup

 I love tomato soup. There I said it!  I'm not so crazy about all the 'stuff' that goes into the cans and the organic varieties just lack the flavor. I've not made it in a while, but, when a friend online asked if anyone had a recipe that mimicked the treasured Campbells Tomato Soup recipe, I ... read more