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grilled corn

Perfectly Grilled Corn

Fall brings all the goodness of a harvest and some of the best of that harvest is the last of sweet corn! We love grilled corn more than I can say and even when its too chilly (is it ever?) to fire up the grill you can make the most delicious ears of corn right in your own oven!  Super simple, no fuss and the kids will love having their own ear of corn to shuck ! I'll explain both methods, but these beauties were cooked in my oven. ... Read More »

buffalo chicken dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip

An all time football party favorite for just about everyone are Buffalo Chicken Wings! But oh the mess! And the clean up!  We've got  the perfect buffalo chicken dip with all the flavor of your favorite wings without the mess! Easy to make in the oven or the crockpot (though I prefer the bubbly goodness of the oven), this dip will be the hit of any fall season party and its so simple your guests will think you worked all day!  Twenty five ... Read More »


Slow Cooker Ratatouille

Time to get those slow cookers and Crock Pots out of the cabinet! More fall harvest goodness in this recipe than you can count! This slow cooker ratatouille will be a hit with your family and friends this fall!  Use the freshest of produce for those bright fall colors. I buy loose herbs at the market and dry them myself, but you can of course use what you have in your larder.  This one makes a great weekend meal! Serve with baked chicken or fish, ... Read More »


Perfectly Simple Party Meatballs

Fall. Football tailgaiting, parties and get togethers.  The season has begun! And just in time for your next tailgate or even your halloween parties, we've got the best ever party meatballs! These are so good just for snacking, there won't be any leftovers (even the kids love these!)  You need only  THREE (3) ingredients and a crock pot and you're good to go! Make a few, make a whole  pot full; just double or triple your ingredients as needed.  I ... Read More »

Perfect Hash Brown Casserole

Perfect Hash Brown Casserole

The famous Cracker Barrel hash brown  casserole has been copied and copies of it copied, most of the recipes are EXACTLY the same. (hash browns, cheese, eggs. boring!) Here at Simple plate we took  a road less traveled and developed  THE  Perfect Hash Brown Casserole ! Chock full of  fresh veggies, this one pan breakfast casserole can be made the night before and popped in the oven the following morning for 45 minutes and voila! Breakfast for ... Read More »


French Toast Casserole

This french toast casserole is a great way to use up stale bread, and a delicious start to a school day or weekend morning!  Added plus, mom doesn't have to get up hours before everyone else to get a hearty breakfast on the table!   I buy day old texas toast for this and freeze what I don't use in the casserole and use for croutons or crumbs. Any stale bread will work, but thick cut breads or Challah work best! This recipe has a few options ... Read More »


Nona’s Authentic Lasagna Recipe

I've been going through old family recipes recently and when I stumbled across my Nona's (authentic) Lasagna Recipe, it stopped me in my tracks. I have my old standby recipe, but this one, is truly something special. Mind you, its not a recipe you cook on a whim, it takes time. Lots of time.  This recipe is truly a labor of love !  And if I'm ever asked, THIS is what love tastes like! Its rich and cheesy and the best melding of italian flavors ... Read More »

Heaven On A Plate

Ricotta Lemon Pancakes

Light and delicate, these ricotta lemon pancakes are a delicious change from your regular pancake breakfast! I love pancakes, no one else here does. So I don't get a chance to whip up something different too often.  This past Sunday, I just did it. And ohhhhhh these are so good!  I used whole milk ricotta (available in the cheese section of most grocery deli departments)  and real maple syrup. You've got to try these! Top them with a pat of ... Read More »

mojito tart

Mojito Tart {With Homemade Lime Curd}

Birthdays are pretty special at our house ! I tend to over celebrate my own, setting aside the entire month of November as a birthday celebration. And I've extended that to my husband. He's not a cake aficionado, I love cake. But he does like a good lime pie and he enjoys a frozen lime cocktail. So, combining the two, I give you a thoroughly tasteful rendition of a Mojito, my Mojito tart! ... Read More »

peach cobbler

Blue Ribbon Rustic Peach Cobbler

This rustic peach cobbler is a Southern tradition. Easy and quick to make, I'll warn you its anything but pretty; but oh my goodness its delicious! Top with a dollop of fresh  whipped cream or a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream. We love peaches! And this time of year, when the peaches have hit the market, we love to get several pounds just for snacking on. The most delicous peaches I've found here are the white peaches, creamy white flesh ... Read More »

Southern Cornbread

Best Ever Southern Buttermilk Cornbread

Love cornbread?  Or just want a taste of the 'real south'?  This perfect everytime southern buttermilk cornbread is what you need ! First you need to invest in a southern cook's go to tool. A 9" cast iron skillet! Season it well (don't depend on preseasoning to get you through) and then purchase only the finest creamery butter and buttermilk. Don't skimp on the basics! I've used this recipe for years (it came from my Aunt Dot) and its ... Read More »

spinach quiche

Mediterranean Style Spinach Quiche

I make this spinach quiche often. We all love its mediterranean flavors and richness. Even the guys go gah-gah for this dinner, served with a side salad or fruit, its perfect!  I typically make this with pancetta as opposed to bacon, but bacon! What's not to love?  This recipe also translates well into party bites in small bite-size quiches or for luncheon buffets. This one is ultra versatile ! Don't like spinach? Substitute broccoli.   Hate ... Read More »


Sea Salt Crusted Rib Steak

This sea salt crusted rib steak is so delicious !  Don't freak out about the amount of sea salt called for it is only used for the crusting process and once cooked, you dispose of all that. With grilling season upon us, for those of you who don't have a grill, this recipe is all you need to make your Fourth of July dinner memorable!  We love rib steak, but any bone in steak will work! ... Read More »


Berry Sorbet

Summer just naturally calls for cool treats! Among our favorites is Sorbet. Though ice-cream, gelato and sherbert also reign. So what's the difference in all these yummy scoopables? Gelato The big difference between gelato and American style ice cream is in the amount of air that is whipped into the product. (20% air for gelato and up to 60% air for ice cream) The result is a denser and more intensely flavored dessert.  And my personal choice ... Read More »


Single Girls Can Grill Steak Kebabs

I know that grilling has historically been the boys' domain, but some of the best grillers I know are girls. My crew of girl grillers (including myself) don't obsess about charcoal vs. gas grills. We also don't fuzz about temperature—if there is a fire, we can cook over it. My secret for great grilling is putting it on the grill, shutting the lid and walking away and coming back and turning in five minute intervals. With my usual grill settings, ... Read More »


Lebanese Style Stuffed Squash

This Lebanese Style Stuffed Squash recipe brings back so many happy childhood memories. I loved  squash as a child. And during the summers we used to get a lot of it. My grandfather and my daddy grew it in their gardens, along with corn, okra tomatoes, and string beans. I loved it all! I'd cry when it was my turn to pick the okra (like a million tiny stickers in your hands and arms), but I never got enough of the fresh vegetables. Our ... Read More »


Heavenly Deviled Eggs

I've been a single girl in a crowd full of couples for quite a while. We are a tight group that likes to get together and share meals. I was always asked to bring some beverages or some chips and dip. That all changed when I brought my deviled eggs to a cookout. All my friends have since apologized for assuming I couldn't cook. They have mumbled around about how they thought my inability to cook might have been why I have no husband. Now, they ... Read More »


Sicilian Fig Cookies (Cucidati)

These Cucidati are traditional Sicilian celebration cookies. Holidays, Weddings, Births, Baptisms, and yes even after a funeral. These cookies appear as if by magic and disappear in the same way! A lot like a Fig Newton but this ain't your mama's store bought cookie. And even if you're a fig newton hater, you'll love these! During the holidays my grandmother and her sisters and cousins would gather at a particular house and prepare cookies for ... Read More »


Simple Roasted Chicken

Santa brought me a shiny new convection oven for Christmas, and I finally got around to reading the instruction booklet. I decided to make one of my favorite meals and it turned out perfectly! If you're making this in a conventional oven  preheat to 425. Also, check your chicken for doneness at the end of our prescribed roasting time,  if you need to return it to the oven, do so in 15 minute increments. Serve this roasted chicken up with root ... Read More »

s'mores presley

Homemade Marshmallow S’mores Presley

  My cousin Dale recently catered an event where his clients were HUGE Elvis Presley fans, and ever the BOSS, Dale chose to make the dessert for that party a throwback to Elvis. And OMG I might have died a little when I saw this delicousness on facebook! Of course after I asked him for his assembly directions and permission to use his image, I set to work to copy cat and make these. I was NOT disappointed!  I used some of the homemade ... Read More »


Red Beans And Rice

Red Beans and Rice is  one of our favorite recipes when the weather starts to cool. This is one my ' seat of the pants' recipes so feel free to adjust to your own personal tastes. This one is guaranteed to be one of your favorites too.  You won't need to 'guard' the stove as this one takes some time, but I"ll promise the results beat any packaged variety you'll find. Grab a print and let me know how your recipe works out! I recommend using ... Read More »

lime granita

Lime Granita {limòn granita}

This lime granita is so easy to make you're going to want to make it today!  All you need is a jelly roll cake pan (you probably have one in your larder), about 12-14 large limes , (if you want to make key lime granita, you're going to need a couple of bags of them) sugar and water and your freezer. Boom! What could be easier? Not much, honestly. Spoon this frozen delicacy into a fancy highball or martini glass and you've got  a presentation to ... Read More »

mango tango salsa

Mango Salsa

This bright mango salsa is the perfect accompaniment to  fish, chicken or even a surprise salsa accompaniment to seafood tacos or other Tex-mex meals. Its become an all round favorite in these parts. And what's not to love? Fresh mango, Vidalia onions and cilantro!  If you love  avocado like I do, you can even chop a couple of those up and add some red bell pepper. Let your imagination and your taste-buds lead you!   Mango Tango Salsa   ... Read More »


DIY Suds & Babies

  Let me offer you the easiest, least expensive DIY Suds you can make right there in your kitchen or laundry room and all for about a $10 initial investment. If you haven't heard yet (and why haven't you), we have identical twin grandsons on the way!  And I'm pulling out all the stops for these two loves, including going back to some of my earth mama roots. When my kids were  young'uns I made our hand and bath soaps, laundry detergent, ... Read More »