Perfectly Simple Party Meatballs

Fall. Football tailgaiting, parties and get togethers.  The season has begun! And just in time for your next tailgate or even your halloween parties, we’ve got the best ever party meatballs! These are so good just for snacking, there won’t be any leftovers (even the kids love these!)  You need only  THREE (3) ingredients and a crock pot and you’re good to go! Make a few, make a whole  pot full; just double or triple your ingredients as needed.  I used the products pictured but I have NO relationship with any of the companies, just wanted you to know the brands we used for the best flavor! (Although, any brand you choose would be perfectly fine!)

When we were kids, Mama made this same recipe with grape jelly, which was delish, but the cranberry jelly is a bit more tart and not cloyingly sweet. Heck, you can even change it up a bit  and add  in a jar of red pepper jelly for a little kick!  Anyway you try it, you’re gonna love it and so will your guests and family!
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Thin Crust GF Pizza

Homemade Gluten Free Pizza #GetYourBettyOn

I have a love hate relationship with pizza. I love it I really do, but the crust. We all know the crust is loaded with gluten and if I cheat? I pay. Oh boy do I pay! Well, much to my surprise, Betty Crocker and Bisquick have a gluten free variety now! Woohoo! Not only can I make those wonderful biscuits I love I can now make the thing I love so ... read more



hangry-(adjective) : Feeling or showing anger caused by hunger. Combination of "hungry" and "angry". I'm not a breakfast eater. You might have noticed I don't post much about it. I've found a delicious way to kill off the 10 o'clock slump. You know, that time of day when you're tired, and hungry and grumpy angry and your productivity just ... read more

Heaven On A Plate

Ricotta Lemon Pancakes

Light and delicate, these ricotta lemon pancakes are a delicious change from your regular pancake breakfast! I love pancakes, no one else here does. So I don't get a chance to whip up something different too often.  This past Sunday, I just did it. And ohhhhhh these are so good!  I used whole milk ... read more