Simply Sundays Link Party #2

Simply Sundays Link Party

Welcome to Simply Sundays on Simple Plate, link party week number two! We are so excited that you are joining us to share your best food, DIY, and crafting posts from the week! We look forward to seeing how creative, inspired, and delicious you’ve been.

Every week we’ll find the best of the best and add them to our Simply Sundays Pinterest Board, Twitter feed and Facebook page and show them off to our readers before the next link up. So get busy, find your best and link up with us!

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Ultimate Banana Pudding

Ultimate Banana Pudding From Scratch

Childhood dreams revolve around such things as this. Hoping that mama would make this banana pudding from scratch for Sunday dinner, we would often 'stack' the grocery cart with the bananas and vanilla wafers.  Once she tried to get away with the ... read more

Scarborough Fair Herb Compound Butter

Scarborough Fair Herb Compound Butter

MMMMMMMMM Butter! Who doesn't love a pat of fresh cream butter melting on a stack of pancakes, or a warm muffin? Sizzling in a sauté pan browning, melting slowly on an ear of fresh grilled corn. Ok now, I'm hungry!  Add a few herbs to that fresh ... read more

smoked macaroni and cheese

Decadent Smoked Macaroni and Cheese

Smoked macaroni and cheese, the most decadent side dish ever conceived made its way to my kitchen this weekend and boy howdy! This plate of awesomeness will soon become your favorite ! With icy weather headed toward north Louisiana this week, we ... read more

Best Ever Blue Berry Muffins

How To Make The Perfect Blueberry Muffins

Learning how to make perfect blueberry muffins, doesn't take much time, but does take some attention. There are a few issues when you're making fruit type cakes and muffins and you want to be sure you keep these tips handy. 1. Toss your fruit (in this case blueberries) in a little general purpose ... read more